Recommended Systems

4.0 Liter Multi-Flo Steel Mechanical AFFF System

If you are looking for maximum fire system performance for the lowest cost, this is the system you have been searching for.  Designed specifically for closed cockpit cars such as sedans and rally cars, this system delivers an even 2-liter split through 6 nozzles to both the cockpit and the engine compartment.  This is almost twice the suppression foam delivered by most basic systems.  Even with this superior coverage, this FIA certified system is among the most affordable available.  Ideal for NASA, SCCA, ChumpCar, Lemons and Conference racers who require performance on a budget.


Two zone protection which meets the requirements of most sanctioning bodies for onboard systems.  This system, while offering the most economical choice available, shares the same quality design and construction as the entire S.P.A. Techniques range of fire systems.


2.25 Liter Mechanical Alloy Clubman AFFF System


We are an the Official Fire Suppression System of the Lucky Dog Racing League, an Official Participant in the NASA Member Benefits program and a proud supporter of the ChumpCar World Series

Lucky Dog, NASA and ChumpCar sure to select “Lucky Dog”, “NASA” or “ChumpCar” in the pull-down pricing menu to receive your series discount

All systems include nozzles, line, fittings, pull handles and mounting hardware.  Everything needed for installation.